• 5S Methodology | A Self-Support Training E-Book in PDF for ALL Quality Professionals

5S Methodology | A Self-Support Training E-Book in PDF for ALL Quality Professionals

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eBook Specifications:-

  • eBook Format: PDF13
  • Language: English
  • Categories: 5S Methodology, Lean Six Sigma, Total Quality Management
  • File Size: 4MB
  • Pages: 87
  • Orientation: Landscape
  • Facilitator/Author: Narender Sharma

Content Outlines:-

  • Section1: Introduction of 5S Methodology
  • What is 5S?
  • Logic behind 5S
  • Objective of 5S
  • Implementation of 5S
  • The Japanese approach

Section2: S1-Seiri or Sorting

  • What is Seiri or Sorting?
  • Stratification Management
  • Difference between need and want
  • One is Best

Section3: S2-Seiton or Set in order

  • What is Seiton or Set in Order?
  • Steps in to set the things in an order
  • Neatness for Notices, Posters, and Signs

Section4: S3-Seiso or Shine

  • What is Seiso or Shine?
  • Who is responsible for cleaning?
  • Motto of cleaning
  • Problems arise in absence of cleaning
  • Graphing out of individual areas of responsibility

Section5: S4-Seiketsu or Standardization

  • What is Seiketsu or Standardization?
  • Focus of Standardization
  • Emphasis of standardization

Section6: S5-Shitsuke or Sustain

  • What is Shitsuke or Sustain?
  • Discipline vs Self-discipline
  • Japanese philosophy
  • In absence of discipline
  • Bad example of discipline
  • Human attitude towards work; theory of X, Y, and Z
  • The painless transition from X to Y to Z

Section7: 5S in Office

  • The objective of 5S implementation in office
  • Difference between an office and a factory
  • The nature of office work
  • Scope of continuous improvement in office
  • Key points of 5S implementation in office
  • The 'One is Best' campaign

Section8: Benefits of 5S implementation

  • Address the issues of non-performing workplace
  • 5S for general purpose
  • 5S for specific purpose; Safety, Efficiency, Quality, and Breakdowns

Section9: 5S implementation roadmap

  • Top management commitment and preparedness
  • Promotional Campaign
  • Keeping records
  • 5S Training
  • Evaluation and Audit

Section10: Evaluation and Audit Sheets of 5S Implementation

  • Audit sheet for S1-Sort
  • Audit sheet for S2-Set in order
  • Audit sheet for S3-Shine
  • Audit sheet for S4-Standardization
  • Audit sheet for S5-Sustain
  • Audit sheet for daily 5S for a workshop
  • Audit sheet for daily 5S for an office

Section11: 5S Implementation plan for a month

About The Facilitator/Author

  • Author (Narender Sharma) is a coach and consultant of Quality Excellence and Lean Six Sigma.
  • Earned 20 years of cross-industry experience including 13years of strong working experience as a quality professional in 'In-process inspection' in Hindusthan National Glass and Ind. Ltd. (HNG) since 2001-2014
  • MBA Production and Operation Management
  • B.Sc. Electronics, B.Ed
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